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Post by seraphim on Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:24 pm

Hi, i'm seraphim, you can all just call me ruru for short, and i'm the owner of this site. You may all be wondering what this site is all about, originally, i wanted this to be an original RPG about my story which is called False Messiah, but due to the fact that i became really lazy, i think im just shifting it into a manga forum, for my False Messiah Project of course.

As for now, ive tried compiling ideas and actually did a manga trial for false messiah, but nothing appears to be happening, but im no longer gonna let anything stop me, i'll finish this manga even if its the last thing i do!

If ever i do post something, i'll post the updates here, so check this thread from time to time, who knows, you might be making the biggest mistake in your life for NOT reading my manga. BUWAHAHA!

About False Messiah/ Messiah Prophecies:
End of all living

In a world that ended, humanity remains, and the reason for this, is the so called messiah. Hundreds of centuries had past since the messiah was last seen, leaving the land in peace, the 7 kingdoms waged war upon them selves.

Amongst the 7, one prospered with the lost of others, the kingdom of Carmel.

Prophecy foretold the end of the world, will start with the middle, and within the middle found is the core where the Empire Rise in power. The Empire holds the world within there hands, and with fear of the prophecy, the world feared of the Empire.

And so a world of Chaos was born, there was no longer a battle for land, no longer the thirst for power, Carmel, took it all, the empire owns everything.

The Story:
Though in general, the story is about a never ending battle for freedom against the empire and the alliance between all kingdoms, it's mostly about a boy named Fix.

He is a 15 year old boy branded as a cursed child for having white hair and crimson red eyes when shun over by a full moon. Despite being seen as a monster, he never grew bitter of the world, he always did his best be recognized by everyone, be recognized as someone of the like, be recognized as a human.

But despite all his efforts, the only person who shun affection towards him was his deceased Master Jack Nicholas, King of bevel, given the brand of pirate king.

The beginning of the manga is the death of Jack Nicholas where fix is shown crying over a grave he himself made. It was where he first met Jack 8 years earlier.

Meeting Jack changed his life forever, and from him, he received the happy jack pin which changes his hair color when worn.

He trained under Jack for 4 full years until they had an argument about his future. Fix wanted to be part of the Night Walkers since he was still very little, but meeting Jack changed his priorities.

He wanted to succeed Jack at some point, but Jack didn't think it was right for him, but being stubborn, jack had to go through drastic measures just to teach him one final lesson. True Love.

It was Love why he left Fix, he wanted better things for his student, and following in his foot steps would only bring him trouble.

For a long time, Fix had hated how Jack left him out of no where, he had been lost, alone and hungry for weeks and weeks, he had to work to his bones just to survive a day. But he never resented his master, he just disliked the act of being left, but never his master.

That's where the story returns to the very beginning of Jacks mysterious death, and the start of Fix's adventures of looking for a man named Max Elliot, who Jack told him to be his father.

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