My Exile {An original Zombie RPG}

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My Exile {An original Zombie RPG}

Post by seraphim on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:20 pm

do you believe anything in the television anymore? if you dont... you should think twice before saying anything any further...

Place: Seattle, Washington
Time & Day: 3:00 AM, July 16, Wednesday
Situation: Outbreak uncontainable
Oder from the President of the United States: Seattle be exiled from the rest of the world, save all you can, leave the rest be.

Exiled from the world of the living and the dead, most remain stuck, searching for their deaths.

For the living who lived to survive an on going nightmare, if the only way out is death, are you willing to take it?

Will promised help come, or will you rely on this false salvation?

Seattle... is exiled, an entire City closed off with massive thick walls, impossible to take down, impossible to go over. It goes all around the city, theirs no way in definitely no way out.

For the sin of one, paid billions of innocent lives, most of them dead, some still alive.

Is there a way out of this nightmare? Or is it the same, beyond the massive walls?

Will there really be an escape from this only brewing nightmare.


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