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Below is a list of races available in Messiah Prophecies manga.

Humans are beings who dwell within Geneva, they are mortal, loving and caring compared to the other races. They are warm not only to each other, but also with other races, they live in structures called houses, where in if there's more than one of them living there, the name changes into a home.

Parts are short for part-human-part-something else. They are mostly ridiculed for being half of something else.

The following fall under Parts's.

  • Mecha (half man-half machine)
  • Encha (half man - half animal/anything natural)
  • Ancha (half fable-half machine)
  • Hybrid (half human-half fable/inks/rogue/keeper)

Fables are animals with human like characteristics and mannerisms, all of them can speak human language and were named fables. Some fables grow larger than most regular animals, but not all of them can walk like humans do.

Wiccans are powerful beings who takes shape of humans, but are superior to them due to specific non human skills/traits, they have strong connection with the fate and were once called the true messianic race who's granted with strong spiritual essence and physical abilities. Most Wiccan's live in Lubelia for the empire prosecutes them. They are considered dangerous despite not wanting anything to do with the new age, but not all Wiccan's believe in the prophecies, with new age comes a new age of wiccan's who even serve under Carmel despite the warning of there queen.

The following fall under Wiccan's

  • Haru (Clan of nature masters who can borrow strenght from nature.)
  • Hakau (A clan of beast masters, known for there ability to take shape of beasts)
  • Oraco (Closest to the messianic race, gifted with visions of the future, but not to the extent of the worlds end.)
  • Orano (Oraco's who have uses there visions for there own benefit, they mess the threads of fate and are considered very dangerous)

All Wiccan race can use magic.

Inks are dark creatures of the sea, the true Bevelian race. Cursed by the skies, they were exiled to the sea as Bevel was risen from the grounds up onto the skies. As the sky pirates were born, the set off to put an end in all naval travel. While most people fear them, not all inks are generally bad, infact, some of them dont look like vicious see creatures, some out grew there hatred and became mermen.

The following fall under Inks's

  • Shadow (Dark creatures with no facial feature, nor do they have thoughts for them selves, they can dwell on both land and water, but retreat to the sea's during day light.)
  • Chrone (Dark Creatures with no human emotions, they have several human features and personalities, but they are usually dark and coldblooded angry)
  • Fishem (Inks with human half human half sea creature features, they are what most would call mermen/maids)


The rogues or what most would call 'the rogue wolves' is an extinct race who's believed to be one of the messianic races who were rumored direct descendants of the messiah blood line. After there extinction, they were quickly forgotten, the race that was once greatly feared, forgotten in an instant, a blink of time. No, it was all erased... Erased by the empire.

They are easily known for there monstrous nature, originally, they are people of the darkness, born with crimson red eyes and silver hair, everyone feared them. No normal human, young or old had hair like they did, its said that even the tip of there hair can kill a full grown man. There teeth are sharp, sharp enough to cut through flesh, of those who they eat, the eat humans to survive.

But in time, they adopted to the world, they no longer feed on flesh and blood, they became mortal, but are still empowered by the rouge instincts.

Wisdom of the old passed down from one generation to the next (through there spiritual guardian, a wolf spirit born within there soul, one who grows as they do and could devour them if they turn weak), they command the soul keepers, and the soul keepers follow them. But when the soul keepers betrayed them, they got defeated by Carmel.

Soul Keeper
Soul keepers or keepers are hosts of the netherworld, they are neither god, nor messiah but are strong spiritual beings non the less. They take care of souls that have died and the world of clocks to make sure that everything is in order. Originally, they were once under control of the Rouge's who were rumored a messianic race. But with there treachery, they were thrown in the netherworld's, cursed to live forever, feel nothing, exiled.

Not all soul keepers were sent to the netherworld though, some still dwell within the world of the living, doing what they do best, the ones who weren't exiled are still granted aces to the netherworld but with a time limit of 3 days every entry. The longer they stay, the further they lose there ability to return normally.

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