Welcome to Rapture- A Bioshock RPG

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Welcome to Rapture- A Bioshock RPG

Post by Shiori on Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:02 pm

A city that was known to have been prosperous, now reduced to rubble and decay, the only thing that keeps it's inhabitants from dying is it's glass walls that surround it, but even now there's always trouble, but what could be more trouble than a few rogue splicers.Well there is...not only are splicers dangers of this place, Little Sisters, Big Daddies, Big Sisters, and finally a new group of so called protectors of Little Sisters...Big Brothers. This new project one lefted forgotten now found in the deepest part of Rapture, but more than them have found their way into Rapture to cause trouble.

Who are you?

Welcome to Rapture..........


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